Self Portrait (you can see 30' cable air-release in foreground)
Northampton, Massachusetts
October 1998

peter alan monroe

art • photography • music • writing

I do a few things, changing those things from analog to digital (disassembling the darkroom/learning Aperture-3, etc.). As of this writing keeping three analog things:
1) Still shooting film in the camera.
2) Printing out requested/ordered stories to mail from the Post Office.
3) Typing on a regular typewriter the relevant text that goes on the wall explaining every picture and typing out stories for those who want me to type them.
O N E story ("All The Famous People I Have Met") posted (under "paper") while working on publishing the others in a collection (book form) that anyone (who liked "Famous People") can order in printed-out (and signed) form (keeping with the analog) or hand-typed (by me).
A chronology of my one well-received and publicized art project, which was a long time ago ("Photography") and to come: other (less well-received) art projects in "lens."
The music section ("strings") now has a quick description of former gigs, a music CD (LP?) in progress (grand piano, vocals, guitar) and hopefully a link to You-Tube (one friend said he knows how to do that).
Am a semi-professional musician and, at this point downgraded from former professional to now semi-professional artist and believe a website deserves to be made to display some of these things. That is an impersonal assesment. I hope you (whoever you may be) like it. I have one fan so far...
March 2010

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**Cockpit photo by Danielle Weader