Self Portrait (you can see 30' cable air-release in foreground)
Northampton, Massachusetts
October 1998

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I do a few things slightly better than the average person for example: an ability to do some good technical work in the darkroom.  Changing those things from analog to digital (disassembling the darkroom/learning Aperture-3, etc.) is a big deal. As of this writing keeping three analog things:

1) Still shooting film in the camera.  (actually, that is done, Kodak stopped making film).

2) Printing out requested/ordered stories to mail from the Post Office.

3) Typing on a regular typewriter relevant text that goes on the wall explaining every image in the infrequent art installations and… typing out stories for those who want me it typed.

One story ("All The Famous People I Have Met") is posted (under "paper") while working on publishing the others in a collection (book form) that anyone (who liked "Famous People") can order in printed-out (and signed by the authro) form (keeping with the analog) or hand-typed (by me).

A chronology of my one well-received and publicized art project, which was a long time ago (“Lens”) and to come: other (less well-received) art projects in "lens."

The music section (strings) now has a quick description of former gigs, a music CD (LP?) in progress (piano, vocals, guitar, bass) and, a link to Soundcloud.

Being a semi-professional musician (semi-professional meaning the most money ever made for a gig was $30) and, at this point downgraded from former professional to now semi-professional artist and believe a website deserves to be made to display some of these things. That is an impersonal assessment. I hope you (whoever you may be) like it. I thus far have one fan...

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