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This was my art Project called "Mama's Boy!"

It made me famous from approximately 1998-2003.

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I like old things, but most of the outside old things have disappeared (hotels signs that say they have color tv, advertising signs with the old phone exchange (the first two 'digits' are numbers; indicating the exchange), men who wear that old fashioned kind of hat that was popular before President John Kennedy made it unfashionable because he didn't wear one during his inauguration, etc.). If you're young you might not even know what i'm talking about.

the living rooms of these 'mama's boys' are old fashioned and it has something to do with the father being gone (my opinion) and things somehow got frozen in time. this is why this series was done.

most of the men were my friends and the others acquaintances.

i wrote down what we talked about while i was taking the picture.

all printed in my basement darkroom by me - nobody is allowed to touch my negatives.

Here is what happened from it:

Alan(click image to enlarge)

1) The Sunday New York Times Magazine gave me an assignment to shoot a feature story (1998).

2) Installation at OK Harris Works of Art. This is a fancy art gallery in Soho, New York. It is prestigious to have your art there (January, 1999).

3) Review on the front page of the art section of The Village Voice (January 1999).

4) Harper's Magazine featured 4 images and relevant text and it took up a full page. It was the 1st time in the history of the magazine (said my friend Lee from Olympia, Washington who reads it regularly) any art had more than 1/2 a page. In case you are not an intellectual or anything, Harper's arguably is the most prestigious literary magazine in the country. continually published for 150 years and the cover piece for the issue that "Mama's Boy!" was in was about William Shakespeare and stuff...(April, 1999).

Jimmy(click image to enlarge)

5) Museum show at The Herzyliya Museum of Art in Israel along with a grant from the New York/Israeli Cultural Commission for the installation of the show, transportation of me and the art to Israel, publication of an accompanying museum catalogue and they put me up in a fancy hotel in Tel Aviv and gave me money to spend when i was there. Shimon Peres, the former Prime Minister of Israel who won the Nobel Peace Prize asked to meet me and I did and requested a museum catalogue which I signed.

6) Museum show at The University of California, San Bernardino.

7) I was supposed to have this show but my friend who worked in the gallery was sort of fired or demoted (and he told me not to say this because he'll get in trouble but I can't help saying everything and getting everyone mad). Anyway, see if this link works until they discover it shouldn't be on the University of North Carolina Museum website and you can't see it anymore.

8) Featured profile in the magazine section of the Los Angeles Times. This was pretty much the end (in 2003) of me being famous.

Voice Article

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Other Works

Michael Wilson's Coney Island

Paula with Harley

Pulsating Paula and Harley

Coney Island; 1988

(click image to enlarge)

Michael Wilson, the Tattooed Man

Michael Wilson, the Illustrated Man

Coney Island; 1988

(click image to enlarge)

Big Joe and little moe

Big Joe and Little Moe

Coney Island; 1988

(click image to enlarge)

Relevant text for Michael Wilson's Coney Island Series to follow.


Mohawk Trail

Hippie with VW Microbus

Gill, Mass.; 1988

(click image to enlarge)


Relevant text for Hippies Series to follow.

No Series

Easter Parade

New York's Finest

Fifth Avenue/Easter Parade; 1988

(click image to enlarge)

The Ascot

The Ascot Theater

The Grand Concourse; Bronx; 1992

(click image to enlarge)

Paula and Dawn

Pulsating Paula and Shameless Dawn

Prospect Park; Brooklyn; 1988

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Relevant text for No Series to follow